Most Internet service providers keep their information a secret from their customers. Pavlov Media believes that this communication is vital for their products! That is why we try to be as transparent as possible with our customers. We want to share with you the biggest misconceptions our customers faced when they were looking to switch to fiber-optic Internet. Learn more about these misconceptions below!

Myth 1- Fiber Internet is too new and unproven

This type of technology has actually been around for over 50 years old and dates back to the 1970s which was used for telecommunications intra-continentally. Since then, it has expanded to many different nations through fiber-optic cables stretching over the ocean floors. It is also used for residential, multi-dwelling units and businesses. To learn more about how fiber Internet got it start by reading our blog:
Fiber-Optic Internet 101 – Pavlov Media.

Myth 2- Fiber Internet is the same as cable and other Internet provider

Fiber Internet is the future of Internet technology. DSL and cable will continue to decline and households use more technology products. Fiber Internet allows users to have the reliability, security and speed they deserve. Some providers will also promote 5G speed when in reality, they are talking about a 5th-generation network not an actual 5 Gbps speed. To stay up-to-date about the industry terminology read our blog:A Consumer’s Guide to Technology Terminology - Pavlov Media.

Myth 3- Fiber Internet will tear apart my yard

Pavlov Media, in addition to having an easy installation process, also has a restoration team. This team is responsible for helping to clean up anything that is left behind after the drilling process such as removing extra rock and dirt that laborers might have left behind. Their job is to return your yard to the way it was prior to your installation. For more information on the entire installation process please read our blog:What to Expect When Pavlov Media Is Constructing in Your City - Pavlov Media

Myth 4- Weather disrupts Fiber Internet usage easily

Fiber Internet that is buried underground is resistant to Mother Nature’s wrath such as storms, rain and wind. You can rest comfortably knowing you have a reliable connection that is not easily susceptible to the weather around you. Enjoy the night as the storm rages and you are wrapped up next to the fire with a great movie lag-free playing!

Myth 5- Fiber Internet cables cannot be bent

One might think that fiber Internet is not able to bend since the cables are made of glass. In reality, the construction of these cables allows them to bend without the risk of breaking. During the installation process, our team also puts additional strips down to protect the cable. One example is a strip over the cable across a driveway. The cables are strong enough for a car to drive over them and flexible enough not to break.

Myth 6- Fiber Internet isn't faster than copper cables

Copper cables, in reality, are no match compared to fiber-optic Internet. Copper cables give their customers high download speeds (~940 Mbps) but provide very low upload speeds (~50 Mbps). Fiber-optic cables allow customers to utilize symmetrical speeds of up to 8 Gbps, depending on the package you pick for your household.

Myth 7- Fiber Internet isn't for residential use

Many families and residential consumers have learned the benefits and power of fiber-optic Internet. As this process evolves, more people will continue to switch over. Fiber-optic Internet helps families connect regarding e-learning, playing video games, working from home, having multiple devices on the same network with streamless activity and even more.

Myth 8- Fiber Internet is too expensive for the average home user

Fiber Internet provides a high-quality product with lower costs than cable and DSL. The average family can get Pavlov Media’s Internet, up to 1 Gbps, for $49.99 in select areas. This limited-time offer will move to $69.99 after the first year. After that Pavlov Media does not increase their pricing ($69.99 for up to 1 Gbps), due to many companies in the industry consistently changing their offers for the following years.  We know families like consistency, so we plan to keep our pricing consistent and affordable for our residents.

Myth 9- Fiber Internet is not needed unless you are an online gamer/streamer

There are many different reasons to get fiber-optic Internet, and you don’t have to be a gamer to benefit from this technology. Pavlov Media offers up to 1, 2, 5, and 8 Gbps to fit the specific needs of your household. This can vary depending on how many devices you have, your activity level, and your Internet needs. Once you determine the Internet usage you need and sign up, you will see the real difference in the speed of fiber-optic Internet.

Myth 10- Accessibility is the biggest downside of Fiber Internet

In the coming years, accessibility will no longer be an issue as many Internet providers have already begun expanding their networks to bring more people the benefits of fiber-optic Internet. Pavlov Media is assisting residents and businesses in Illinois, Texas and Florida with their connectivity. Check your availability for Pavlov Media’s fiber-optic Internet at Home Solutions - Pavlov Media