Safe and Responsible Construction

Building a municipal fiber network is a big undertaking. It requires many people and lots of equipment. Like any construction project, it will not go unnoticed in your town.

Our Construction Principles

Prioritize Safety:

An Emergency Action Plan is issued for our teams in each city

We ensure the safety of our crews and your residents

We use construction door hangers to notify residents of construction. These are placed at homes 48 hours in advance

We use safety cones and signs in the work area. Our crews wear high-visibility vests along with other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) depending on their job duties

811 is called prior to any excavation, and utilities are pre-marked for the path

After the utility companies locate the utilities with paint markings and flags, we expose the utilities based on 811 law (daylighting or pot holing)

No “blind” boring is done

We use all available mapping tools from counties, cities, and utilities to find the safest and most convenient routes for our network

We have a dedicated Safety Manager to ensure compliance with all safety practices

Minimize Inconveniences:

We notify residents in advance of construction through signage and door hangers

We begin every construction project with a preconstruction meeting with local public works officials and then maintain regular contact with them to inform them of construction schedules and locations

We assign Quality Assurance resources to an area to ensure that we get the job done efficiently without having holes and conduit exposed for long periods of time

We bore underground to reduce tearing up yards and roads to minimize disruption for pedestrians and vehicles

Respond Quickly to Problems:

Each construction project has a dedicated project manager who your community will have direct contact with and can resolve any issues that arise

Once construction is done, we’ll have crews nearby ready to respond to outages and other issues

In addition to filing legally required reports of accidents, Pavlov Media construction crews make direct contact with relevant utility companies to quickly resolve problems

Restore Any Damage:

We have dedicated crews to repair damage and restore yards to their original condition

Do You Have Feedback on Our Construction in Your Neighborhood?