Pavlov Media, one of the nation’s largest private providers of broadband services to multifamily real estate owners, has announced additional 100 Gigabit (100,000 Megabit per second) speeds from Chicago to Champaign, Ill., from Philadelphia to New York City, and from Los Angeles to Phoenix.

Pavlov Media had previously announced an extended fiber backbone upgrade at 100 Gigabit speeds from Chicago, Ill. to Indianapolis and from Indianapolis to Atlanta.

“This expansion is another step in our rollout of 100 Gigabit Internet across our national backbone,” said Mark Scifres, CEO of Pavlov Media. “We will continue to deliver exceptional value and performance for our property owners and customers.”

In today’s all digital world, the need for content continues to evolve. Pavlov Media develops peering relationships and partners with leading content providers to bring fiercely fast Internet with reduced lag times directly to its customers.

“Our network is designed to enable content providers and consumers cutting edge exceptional experiences,” Scifres said.

Pavlov Media, one of the nation’s largest private providers of broadband services to multifamily real estate owners, today announced it has acquired Velocity Online (Velocity) headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. Velocity is a broadband provider serving multifamily real estate owners in multiple states as well as Tallahassee area businesses.

Mark Scifres, founder and CEO of Pavlov Media, said “This latest addition to the Pavlov Media family coupled with our acquisition of Electrend, Inc. in Atlanta last year gives us the ability to leverage municipal fiber networks in the Southeast and the necessary people to build strong local connections with our customers in these markets. We will continue to seek similar acquisition opportunities in other key geographic markets.”

Glenn Meyer, Board Member and President of Pavlov Media’s MDU services group, also added “The addition to the Pavlov Media team of the owners and leadership group of Velocity, Rodger Lewis and George Varn, was crucial to both companies agreeing to do this deal. Rodger and George have built an excellent business both in the student housing broadband market nationally, as well as a strong commercial market presence locally in Tallahassee that we will be able leverage onto our national backbone. We’re very pleased that Rodger, George and the entire team at Velocity has chosen to join forces with us”.

Rodger Lewis, Founder and CEO of Velocity, stated that “We have been growing rapidly and had been searching for the right partner to leverage this growth and Pavlov Media fit our requirements both from a commitment to the same quality of service philosophy we have and the resources to allow our team to take advantage of the numerous market opportunities we have before us.” George Varn, Velocity’s Co-Owner and Director of Business development also added “The combination of Pavlov Media’s range of services with those that we have developed here at Velocity creates a complete suite of product offerings that our existing customers can economically utilize to operate their businesses more efficiently, all with the added benefit of local support.”

Along with delivering exceptional Internet services comes the need for faster machines to supply it.  This includes a fleet of vehicles as well as specialized fiber installation plows.

Here at Pavlov Media we love technology, especially technology that allows us to bring fiber to your doorstep.

We couldn’t resist giving you a peak at one of our new tools and assure you we are constantly looking for new ways to provide “Simply Exceptional Connections.”

What does our fiber optic backbone mean for you?

Unlike other providers, we don’t just focus on speed. We strive to bring you the most reliable and secure connection available. Fiber optics offer speed and reliability that other types of networks cannot even come close to. With our fiber optic backbone, you have a direct connection to content partners like Google, YouTube, Netflix, and more. And since fiber delivers data at the speed of light, there is truly nothing faster.

Pavlov Media has more than 200 private peering agreements with major carriers and content providers. Our strategic peering policies are designed to send our customer’s traffic on a more direct route to its destination, which greatly improves the Internet experience.

Pavlov Media’s national backbone network enables us to deliver peered content at speeds up to 100 Gigabits per second. Our network architecture enables us to set up private peering in virtually every Data Center connected to our network.

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