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MDU Internet

Seamless registration, high speeds, 24/7 customer support — your residents need it, and we provide it.

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MDU Video

You have complete control over the channels you choose with our customizable programming.

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MDU Phones

Our cutting-edge phones and voice solutions are designed to meet apartment requirements.

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Why Pavlov Media?

Since we installed our first fiber-optic project in 1994, we have increased our fiber outreach and network to cover 44 states and Canada. We build, own and operate our 100-Gigabit national backbone network. Through our almost 30 years of fiber-optic installation experience, Pavlov Media has mastered every aspect of the fiber-optic communication , from building and construction to managing and maintenance.

Pavlov Media solutions are perfect for your MDU. Our industry leading, high-speed fiber and video services will have your residents, tenants and guests happy you chose Pavlov Media. Our phone systems will have your property manager connected to tenants, available at any moment that an issue arises. For your own peace of mind, we also offer 24/7 technical support so you can rest easy knowing an expert is always available to help.


We Know Fiber Internet


We Design

Our team of experts outmatches other providers in designing and engineering networks and services. Collaboratively, we’ll tailor network infrastructure to meet the demands of your property.


We Build

Our crews have installed miles of fiber-optic Internet networks and wired countless multi-dwelling units (MDUs) nationwide. Our skilled installers excel at building connections and circuits within buildings. Our collaborative approach guarantees minimal operational disruption with timely, budget-friendly buildouts.


We Monitor

Our 24/7 Network Operations Center ensures seamless network performance. We often detect outages before they impact you. Our commitment to network reliability and service stability is unwavering.


We Support

We offer round-the-clock customer service and network monitoring, with dedicated technicians and representatives available to solve issues. This ensures continuous connectivity for your staff and residents.

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