Our National Backbone Network

Our National Backbone Network

Beyond Network Infrastructure

Pavlov Media isn’t just involved in network infrastructure – we lead the way. We construct and operate our 100 Gigabit national backbone, including fiber and colo facilities. Our skilled network operators ensure smart, reliable and secure data distribution nationwide. This backbone drives and safeguards our home services, and it’s readily accessible for MDUs and businesses too.

Intelligent Network Visibility

With our best-in-class partners, we leverage sensor tools to provide greater visibility into routing, availability and network performance. With telemetry tools, we provide our customers with real-time network observability to maximize performance.

Rooftops and In-Building Access

Our focus on extending content and data to the edge unlocks unique possibilities. Expanding our core network’s edge enables us to provide services typically limited to larger sites: tiered data center services, multi-Gigabit services and access to one-hop peering edges. From content and CDNs to compute and cellular signal services, you can tap into these via rooftop or on-site connections.

Pushing Content to the Edge

Speed hinges on data’s travel distance. That’s why we focus on network optimization. Through strategic data points and low-hop routing, we accelerate connections and minimize latency. Our numerous peering agreements with services and CDNs ensure swift access to crucial resources, streamlining business connectivity.

Security Prioritized

As global threats to data and networks evolve, so do we. Speed isn’t the sole concern – security is paramount. With real-time core monitoring and automated mitigation against threats like DDoS attacks, network security is our top priority.

Tier 1 Services in Smaller Markets

No longer limited to big cities, data transport is crucial for diverse businesses and homes. From AgTech sensors to distributed workforces, cloud access, IoT sensors in homes and global data transfer are essential. Our fiber networks and PoP locations extend Tier 1 capabilities to underserved markets.

Patented Peering Power

Our peering innovations predate the Edge computing trend. Through our patented tech and advanced solutions on our national backbone network, content reaches users seamlessly, anticipating its destination. The total effect of these strategically deployed technologies creates an unparalleled online experience for our customers.