Who doesn’t enjoy high-speed Internet? The importance of obtaining high-speed Internet comes from something known as fiber. For those who are unfamiliar with fiber, keep reading for a brief explanation. Fiber is tiny, hair-like glass strands with an even smaller center core. The glass strands are all bundled together to provide a lightning-speed connection. The fiber is then pulled underground up to your home or business.

The Fiber Drilling Process

Now that we have touched base on fiber, you may be curious about the construction required to supply fiber to your city. The answer is drilling underground.

The drilling process begins once your city is designed and then permitted by a team of outside plan engineers. Shortly after, Julie 811 is contacted to locate all utilities underground. Following this, a team of laborers or a hydrovac operator works hard to expose any utilities in our designed pathway to avoid damage to these utilities. It is then safe for the horizontal directional drilling process to begin. An operator will operate the drill with direction from the locator, who methodically picks the safest pathway, dodging utilities while still achieving the permitted designed routes.

Once the drill reaches the end of each shot, an orange conduit is attached and pulled back through the borehole. Conduit is a tube-like structure that protects fiber from outside elements. After that, a team of laborers will place vaults for underground access to this conduit and restore all the exposed potholes. Fiber will then be blown and pulled through this conduit and left in the vaults. Next, a team of splicers will come through and fusion-splice all the fiber strands together and verify that the city is ready for installation.

You will schedule your installation once you have signed up and registered for Pavlov Media. An installer will come to your home and run fiber from the vault to a small enclosure on your home. Then, an even smaller fiber is run from the enclosure inside to the ONT (optical network terminal), which will provide you with a small enclosure on the home. Within a few weeks after the installation, the burial team will direct-bury the fiber from the vault to the home. This simple process is slicing the ground and pushing the fiber down. No mess!

Having fiber in the ground has many benefits. One is that fiber will be protected from wind and ice damage, so your connection will be less prone to outages due to inclement weather. Another benefit is that all cables are underground and cannot be seen, completely out of sight and hidden. The speed and reliability are unmatched. 


The restoration team will then come out and clean up where the drilling process was done. They will remove any extra rock and dirt that the laborers left behind. They will clean up and lay fresh grass seed around the vaults in the ground. They will fill any exposed holes. Their job is to make the area look as good as new.

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