Business Phones

Even with social media, chatbots, websites and email, the phone remains the most popular way for customers to contact businesses. Pavlov Media’s innovative phone service makes it easy for customer calls to reach the person at your business, no matter where your staff are located.

Pavlov Media has the phone solutions your business needs, whether you want to set up an automated company phone network for hundreds of employees, or you simply need to have a reliable phone by the cash register. The Pavlov Media Business Phone Service will make your old phone system feel like tin cans and string.

Some of the key features of the Pavlov Media Phone Service include:

  • Cutting-edge Android-based video phones that power video calls and conferences
  • Integrations with email, contacts and calendar services from Microsoft, Google and Apple, making it simple to incorporate your new phone system into your existing workflows
  • Auto-attendants and intelligent call routing that directs calls to the right person every time
  • Inbound and outbound call logging and reporting
  • Call recording that lets you review calls for quality assurance
  • Dial-in conference bridges that allow people outside your company to meet with your teams
  • Georedundant and powered by our 100 Gigabit national backbone

Phone systems big and small

Our staff will work with you to understand exactly what your business needs from a phone system. Our standard Centrex PBX plan is perfect for companies that need a limited number of phone numbers or extensions. We also offer custom plans for businesses that need more phones, numbers and extensions.

Call Routing

If you have more than one number or extension at your business, making sure calls reach the right destination is vital. With our Call Routing capabilities you have complete control over call handling. Inbound calls go directly to the people you select, in the order that you determine. Have a new call ring one line or multiple employees simultaneously. The Pavlov Media Phone Service makes sure customers talk to a real person every time.

Pavlov Media VoIP Portal

The Pavlov Media VoIP Portal is a powerful, cloud-based tool that gives your company the ability to manage, customize and control your entire phone system from a web browser. This is where you will modify how calls are routed throughout your business and set up features like auto-attendants and call queues. Calls can be recorded for monitoring quality. You can even pick your hold music.

Training and Customer Support from Pavlov Media

Pavlov Media provides installation support and comprehensive training to help you get started with your new phone system. After your phone system is installed and configured, you will have access to 24/7 support from the experts at Pavlov Media whenever your business needs assistance.

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