The work-from-home movement has exploded over the last several years, mainly due to the global pandemic, which has had many companies pivot to a remote work model.

By 2025, approximately 70 percent of the workforce will work from home at least five days monthly.

With the increased popularity of working from home, employees are finding that they can enhance work productivity and stay even more connected to their teams virtually. One vital feature that companies depend on is reliable high-speed fiber Internet, delivered by Pavlov Media.

With fiber, remote workers can confidently and conveniently stay on task with fast and dependable home Internet, as reliable as working in an office building.

In addition to high-speed fiber Internet, here are five websites that will make work-from-home employees achieve maximum productivity in remote workspaces. allows workers to feel a part of a team and simulates an office environment while employees work individually from home. Caveday allows Zoom-based chatrooms (called “caves”) that let team members check in with fellow remote employees, receive reminders for progress on work projects and even give reminders for people to take breaks. The site offers plans and various price points and has a free 7-day trial for people to try before they buy.

This site helps workers break up the silence when working from home. provides music and soundscapes to use in the background during your workday. This unique site is more than just music; it uses science-backed offerings to help with concentration and focus, ultimately assisting in peak mental states for workers.


Evernote is a game-changer in the space of notetaking and scheduling. It turns the normally tedious project management tasks into organized solutions for remote teams. It is stocked with features that allow you to connect with other app users and helps everyone stay on task and meet deadlines.


With its exceptional software, OmniFocus will make your task management and team organization more seamless. It features a sleek to-do list and helps remote employees track their progress. It also detects delays and helps teams stay organized, ultimately improving workflowOmniFocus also lets you and your teammates stay connected across all devices (including Windows and Apple products).

We Work Remotely

This site is a great resource for job seekers looking to work from home. Users have access to around 25,000 all remote open positions from companies that are considered “pioneers” in the work-from-home space.

If you are looking for your next career change, We Work Remotely makes your job search easy and convenient. To start your search, create a free account to access all the listings categorized into different remote work areas.

Working from home is a trend that will continue, as remote workers can keep connected with their teams and skyrocket their productivity.

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