Communication is vital to any business, be it with your employees or clients. Your business needs uninterrupted and seamless communication that fits today’s fast-paced, dynamic and digital era. Today’s businesses need flexibility and mobility when it comes to phone solutions. After all, business is conducted in various settings: being in the office, working remotely or traveling. In all settings, communication is key, and a solution that can keep up with changing dynamics is vital.

That is why we offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. It allows businesses to make phone calls over the Internet instead of using traditional phone lines. VoIP converts your voice into digital data and sends it through the Internet and converts it back into voice for your recipient.  

Why VoIP is The Essential Tool For Modern Business

On top of being a vital tool for businesses, VoIP also can provide savings to businesses. 

According to FinancesOnline, businesses saw an average saving of up to 75 percent. 67 percent of employees found it much easier to handle phone calls using a VoIP solution. Furthermore, 77 percent of small businesses experience improved productivity when using VoIP features. 

Our Omnicall App

One of our unique VoIP offerings for businesses is the Omnicall App. It is essentially a bridge between your cell phone and your business phone. It is a downloadable app that uses VoIP technology. This allows you and your employees to send and receive phone calls using your office number from anywhere. Your customers will only see your office caller ID, even if you call from your cell phone. Your employees’ numbers will remain private. Additionally, it allows you to check your voicemail when you are not in the office, and it makes it easy to contact anyone at your business with a single tap on their contact.

 Omnicall gives you control over how your calls are routed to you anytime via our online portal. Our portal is a powerful, cloud-based tool that allows your business to manage and customize your phone system from any web browser. You can also set features like auto-attendants, call queues, check recordings and select your hold music.

Next Steps

When you decide your business needs our Omnicall solution, our B2B sales team will visit your business to fully understand your needs. From there, they can provide custom and tailored plans to fit your budget. After you purchase, we will provide you with support and comprehensive training so you can successfully navigate your new phone solution. After installation, you will still have access to our Phone Team.

If you are ready to make the switch, upgrade your business communication with a dynamic and future-proof solution, and take advantage of our elite Omnicall App, contact our sales team here to get started.