Arcola, IL – – Pavlov Media is sponsoring the 2023 Arcola Broomcorn Festival. The Broomcorn Festival is a three-day program held in Arcola, IL, to celebrate the city as the “Broomcorn capital of the world.” Visitors can participate in a 5k, attend a carnival or even a dog show performance during the festival.  

“Local communities are the heart and soul of Pavlov Media,” said Cory Douglas, CEO of Pavlov Media. “That is why Pavlov Media is grateful for any chance to get involved with local businesses and residences in events such as the Arcola Broomcorn festival”.  

The event is held on September 8th, September 9th and September 10th at the corner of Main Street and N. Water Street in Arcola, IL. To find more information about the program, visit: