mobility of VoIP phones

Gone are the days when businesses had to rely on traditional phone lines. This doesn’t mean every employee on staff needs a business cell phone; businesses can now embrace a hybrid option that utilizes the versatility of a standard desk phone and the mobility of a cell phone through VoIP solutions.

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is the new wave of voice communication that enables team members to make calls over Internet connections. In the era of remote work, frequent travel and hybrid schedules, VoIP is the perfect solution for teams that support several work styles without sacrificing a well-managed phone system. Let’s break down the reasons why.

Even Your VoIP Desk Phones Are Mobile

Picture this: your office space is moving across town, and you have an incredibly long and tedious to-do list to make the move successful. What if you could make the move just a little bit easier by finding an effortless way to set up your phone system in the new location?

Whether a team member is moving to a new desk across the office, across the city or across the country, their VoIP desk phone can go with them without the usual red tape. After all, VoIP phones are powered by the Internet, so if a team member has an Ethernet port in their new location, they can plug in their phone and get to work.

Merge Your VoIP Desk Phone with a Cell Phone

Do you have team members who often travel? Making sure they can take business calls while on the go can be tedious, and the easiest solution often seems to be using their cell phone number for business. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

A key feature of Pavlov Media’s Phone Service is the Omnicall app, which empowers team members to take phone calls on the go from their cell phones. The catch? The calls will appear to be from their desk phone, not their cell phone. This means that team members can partition business calls from personal calls, allowing them to maintain a work-life balance while traveling.

With VoIP, Check Your Voicemail Easily

Sometimes, checking your work voicemail can be tedious, especially if you do it multiple times a day, while traveling or while working remotely.

However, with the Pavlov Media Phone Service, you can get voicemail transcripts sent to your inbox. That way, you can read them like a regular email rather than checking your voicemail throughout the day. This feature benefits on-the-go employees who like simplified processes to get everything done.

Start the Conversation to Switch to VoIP

If any of these VoIP features sound like a good fit for your business, we’d love to discuss solutions with you. Contact us today  to speak with a B2B Sales Specialist who can discuss your business’s unique phone needs.