We learn about various topics in school, including English, science, and math. Within these subjects, we comprehend many lessons; we learn about stories, technology, counting and problem-solving. Learning a new topic can be incredibly challenging. Throughout this article, we have broken fiber Internet down to showcase our company’s story, the science behind our technology, and how the math about the Internet applies to your day-to-day life. Whether you are a busy student or a teacher trying to plan a lesson, fiber Internet covers all your connectivity needs.

Our Story of Fiber Internet

  Pavlov Media’s story starts with founder Mark Scifres, an engineering student at the University of Illinois. In 1994, he decided to start a company from his dorm room that would connect an entire dormitory to the Internet. As the years went on, the company evolved to wiring apartments and constructing our national backbone that connects hundreds of apartment complexes in more than 40 states. Pavlov Media has also become a fiber Internet leader in businesses, apartments and residential areas. With technology advancing yearly, more of our lives end up online, including education, employment and health care. Pavlov Media has continued to grow alongside this technology to help students, teachers, families and businesses stay connected in every way they need.

With back-to-school time upon us, teachers have the mission to help enrich the lives of future generations. With this task, they plan lessons, make activities, and lay out all the best steps for their classes to achieve their goals. The one thing that teachers should not have to worry about this school year is a bad Internet connection. Slow Internet can lead to uncompleted tasks and destroy the progress that they have made for their classroom lessons. This school year, stop slow Internet when you connect to Pavlov Media’s fiber Internet. We take pride in supplying a fast, reliable, and more secure type of Internet to all residential areas.  

 The Science Behind a Reliable Home Internet

The Internet can be a confusing topic, especially when unsure where to start. When you jump into it, two main types of Internet run from your Internet service provider to your home: cable and fiber. Most people are already familiar with cable Internet but don’t know how it works. Cable Internet utilizes electrical signals to transmit your data using an external copper cable. This cable type has exposed itself to weather, human error and data stealing.  

Fiber Internet takes the technology further and transmits the data using light pulses, proven to be faster and harder to intercept than other technology. When your Internet becomes faster, you can eliminate things such as buffering while doing all your needed activities: lesson planning, grading, music, or streaming. Pavlov Media’s fiber Internet offers an uninterrupted connection. Without worrying about their connection, teachers can focus on the most important thing: their students.  

With fiber Internet, teachers will also take home Internet security to the next level! Fiber Internet is less susceptible to weather-related issues or human error. This added security is due to the fiber cable being buried underground and not exposed to the elements. The glass cables of fiber Internet also provide another layer of security because if someone were to try to steal information, the cable itself would break. Teachers especially need this added security because they work closely with their students’ personal information. Overall, fiber technology allows teachers to have a reliable, secure and fast Internet service right from the comfort of their homes!    

Doing the Math for Better Lesson Planning

Counting and finding the solution to a problem are two of the biggest takeaways from learning math in school. Pavlov Media wants to show you how many things you can start saying no to when switching to fiber Internet. At Pavlov Media, we say:  

  • No lags  
  • No hidden fees  
  • No data caps  
  • No contracts  
  • No installation fees  

With other providers, these elements can make your home Internet exceedingly difficult to work on. You should be able to freely access all your needed materials and enjoy your evenings. Having a slow, unreliable, and insecure Internet can make this mission seem almost impossible. The solution is Pavlov Media’s fiber Internet! Pavlov Media offers up to 1 Gbps of fiber Internet, with 24/7 customer support. We want to be there whenever you have questions or problems to help come to the resolutions you need. Pavlov Media also wants to provide not only a connection between you and your Internet but also a connection with the community. We do this by integrating into every neighborhood where we install fiber. We are already working with other organizations to enhance our local communities.  

Pavlov Media Receives an A+ for Internet  

The best thing you can do this school year is invest in fiber Internet to make it fly by! Say goodbye to slow Internet and unreliable networks, and secure all the plans for future generations of students and teachers with fiber Internet.   

Check to see if fiber is available in your area: https://pavlovmedia.com/home-solutions/.