With the recent World Health Organization report of 133,000 cases of the Coronavirus worldwide and the Center for Disease Control’s report of 3,487 in the United States, Pavlov Media is pleased to help area students and teachers as education moves to online experiences.

Bandwidth to schools served by Pavlov Media is immediately increased to 10 Gigabit to help teachers, staff and students meet new demands in online education.

In addition, Pavlov Media currently provides 10 Gigabit of bandwidth to the University of Illinois but is increasing that immediately to 40 Gigabit at no extra cost to help faculty and students. The increase in bandwidth will be in place for the next six months.

“We are doing what we can onsite and offsite to protect from this virus,” said Pavlov Media CEO Mark Scifres. “We will continue to educate and update our customers and team as new information unfolds.”

The average eLearning consumption per student should be no lower than 1 Megabit per second, with ideal bandwidth starting at 3 Megabits per second. Below are recommended bandwidths for common eLearning applications.

Video Streaming: 3 to 12 Megabits per second
Google Cloud: 1 to 2 Megabits per second
Skype: 300k to 1.2 Megabits per second
Cameras: Depends on quality but anywhere from 4 to 12 Megabits per second

For more information, call 866-558-1993.