Pavlov Media is pleased to announce the addition of a new data center in Orlando, Fla. The new site expands 100 Gbps speeds from Orlando to Atlanta, GA.

This expansion is just one of many Pavlov Media locations nationwide providing 100 Gigabit (100,000 Megabit per second) capability.

In the last few years, Pavlov Media added 100 Gbps capacity from Chicago to Champaign, Ill.; from Philadelphia to New York City; from Los Angeles to Phoenix; from Chicago, Ill. to Indianapolis; and from Indianapolis to Atlanta.

“We are excited to expand the options for high-speed and cost-effective global connectivity to Orlando and the surrounding area,” said Mark Scifres, CEO and Founder of Pavlov Media. “The combination of the high capacity data center ecosystem at Orlando and our growing national footprint offers additional choices for customers and reflects our commitment to providing simply exceptional connections to users around the country,” Scifres added.

The data center and 100 Gbps linkage to Pavlov Media’s national backbone allows much faster content transport for end-users. Much of this content is peered—meaning Pavlov Media is directly connected via fiber to content providers.