Educational departments are continuously faced with ever-changing curriculum-based technologies and opportunities. As summer ends, the back-to-school season quickly approaches with increasingly busy schedules, homework, projects and deadlines. No matter how many children you have, this season can be very stressful. Besides shopping for school supplies this year, don’t forget about the advantages of fiber Internet. With fiber Internet replacing the slow data speeds of your home network, you won’t have to worry about Internet issues with your children’s schoolwork this upcoming year.

You can rely on fiber Internet. 

After eight hours at school, students still must complete their homework, no matter the lesson. Whether you’re working on an English essay, math problems or science project, fiber Internet has got you covered. The only thing worse than homework is a home Internet that cannot keep up with everything. With fiber Internet, students can readily find helpful tutorial videos, seek methods to answer complicated problems and even find the original lessons to aid in completing their work. Students can also get tutors to help them with certain problems completely online. As a parent, you don’t want to be put in the situation of having to relearn lessons from school and having to teach your children.

Fiber Internet allows parents to enable students to complete their lessons through a reliable network that doesn’t cut out. For a student, there is nothing worse than trying to submit a huge project by its deadline only to find that it won’t submit due to outages. The most reliable home Internet is fiber. With buried dedicated cables connected directly to your home, fiber Internet is less likely to experience outages. This helps to eliminate the physical damage from weather, climate or human error to cables.

Switching to Pavlov Media’s fiber Internet services allows you to leave behind constant outages, ultimately allowing you to experience the joys of an uninterrupted online learning experience. With students working in the comfort of their homes, their ability to access the advantages of consistent Internet will allow them to seek help, find review materials and submit their assignments using all the tools available. In addition, they will be able to exceed this school year by providing them with access to all the tools that the Internet can offer directly from your home network. 

Secure A+ privacy.

One of the most important things for a parent is keeping their child safe. With wireless or cable home networks, there are threats to students’ privacy and personal information. Most home networks are vulnerable to intrusions and the best way to gauge your Internet security is to understand the three types of Internet: cable, wireless and fiber. You probably already use cable or wireless Internet in your home. Cable Internet is used by transmitting data through electrical signals, whereas wireless Internet uses satellites to transmit the data. Fiber Internet takes it a step further and transmits the data with light pulses, which are proven harder to intercept than older technologies.

On the other hand, fiber Internet allows parents and students the security of confidential transmission of data and privacy within their home network. During this school year, make sure that your children continue to remain safe online both inside and outside the classroom. As a parent, you can rest easy knowing that fiber Internet can help you keep your family and their information safe and sound!

Access educational materials even faster.

Learning something new can always be difficult, sometimes taking longer than expected. Don’t let your home Internet be why learning seems to take forever. With fiber Internet, you will receive faster speeds due to light pulses that transmit data even faster within our fiber-optic cables. The increase in speed within your new home Internet will help eliminate buffering on streaming educational videos, lags when checking your scores on a test or connection loss during the final submission of a paper.

With fiber Internet, you can fully take control of your home office with the help of a quick and dependable Internet connection. Say goodbye to annoyingly slow services and hello to quicker connections!  This school year, give your child the resources they need to excel during homework time and the ability to get the best education possible.

Graduate to better home Internet. 

In today’s fast-paced landscape, the technology of learning quickly evolves. Fiber Internet can be a game-changer for parents and children by allowing them to connect to these educational changes continuously. Its unrivaled reliability, security and speed will empower your children to achieve their full potential, learn all the required material and complete homework ahead of deadlines. Upgrade your home Internet to fiber Internet today and take the first step towards a successful school year of learning. 

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