It seems like the Internet is always within reach. You use it to watch your favorite show on your TV, access apps on your mobile devices, browse the web on your laptop or desktop computer and even control appliances in your home. For most, we live in a place where access to the Internet is as fundamental as access to electricity and running water.

However, as new advancements continue to develop, our demand for more capable Internet systems grows with it.

Fast, reliable Internet is vital for keeping us connected and taking advantage of emerging technologies. Let’s examine some ways that high-speed fiber Internet can enhance your community.

The Importance of Speed

Speed is among the most important considerations for people seeking Internet service. But how fast does it really need to be? Whether you’re a resident or a business owner, faster Internet speeds are desirable for several reasons.

Reliance on Connectivity

Emerging technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), high-definition 4 K and eventual 8 K streaming, VR (virtual reality), and AR (augmented reality) devices will rely heavily on high-speed Internet connectivity provided by fiber-optic infrastructure.

More Connected Devices

It is reasonable to expect a single network to support multiple devices simultaneously. Unfortunately, with older copper cable infrastructure, it is common for users to experience throttling, buffering, and even service interruptions when put under heavier loads. With fiber Internet, however, residents and businesses are far less likely to experience slowdowns or disconnections from service.

Remote Work and E-Learning

Working and learning from home may have initially been necessary for many during the pandemic, but it’s not going anywhere. More than a third of people in the U.S. who can work from home choose to do so all the time, and hybrid work has also grown. High-speed Internet is more important than ever for collaborative workflows and teleconferencing.

Improvements to Healthcare

Faster service brings several advantages to healthcare. Telemedicine becomes viable, even in rural communities with high-speed Internet, because it allows for better patient care through videoconferencing and the potential for more advanced medical tele-imaging like teleradiology and telepathology.


There’s no question that fiber Internet is extremely reliable, particularly when compared to older broadband offerings like cable and DSL. This is due to some of the unique characteristics inherent in fiber-optic cables that make it not only faster, but less susceptible to interference and degradation.

Fiber Internet uses strands of glass to send data as light rather than electrical currents, this means that fiber-optic cables are non-conductive and extremely resistant to electromagnetic interference – like radio signals – and even electrical discharges from lightning strikes. Fiber cables are also typically buried in the ground, which gives an additional level of protection from many sources of damage.

Furthermore, while all broadband signals weaken over distance, the difference between copper cables and fiber is monumental. Copper cable experiences immediate drop off and is limited to 330 feet. Fiber cable, on the other hand, can provide lossless data transmission for up to 25 miles. This is how fiber can deliver consistently fast speeds across far greater distances.


Another consideration for fiber-optic infrastructure concerns emerging technologies and the need to adapt to increasing bandwidth demands. Not only is the number of Internet devices in homes expected to continue to rise, but the amount of data being sent from each device is also growing.

Over 10 years from 2010 to 2021, download speeds increased almost 30-fold to keep pace with the need for high-quality streaming for both work and entertainment. While this trend has begun to plateau,

Fortunately, even as the demand for higher speed and more bandwidth rises, fiber Internet can provide what communities need for decades to come.

Economic Edge

Providing fiber Internet infrastructure is also an enticing proposition for attracting new businesses to your community. Business owners know that they need fast, reliable Internet to provide service to their clientele. Whether they’re running a point-of-sale system for a small business or restaurant, an e-commerce site, a fulfillment center or even medical facilities, it’s vital that they have access to fiber Internet more than ever.

Even in rural communities, as farms become more automated, landowners must have consistent access to the Internet. More farmers depend on automation to control self-driving vehicles, monitoring equipment, irrigation systems, and more.

In the end, communities large and small need fiber Internet to help businesses within them thrive.

It’s Time to Empower your Community

Your community will need fiber-optic Internet to keep up with increasing computing and network demands. It’s not only faster, more reliable and more durable than older broadband solutions, but it’s also a more environmentally friendly solution.

The Internet connects us to the world, entertains and enlightens us, and will give us access to better medical care and autonomy. Enticing businesses, both large and small, to set up shop in your community also stimulates economic growth.

Pavlov Media can help you design a custom solution for your area. Get started today and see what fiber Internet can do for you.