Connect Your Town

We Know Fiber Internet

When your community selects Pavlov Media, you are getting access to a world-class fiber optic Internet service provider.

At Pavlov Media, we know fiber. That’s why we go the extra mile and handle every step of the installation process in-house.


Our team of experts outmatches other providers in designing and engineering networks and services. Collaboratively, we’ll tailor network infrastructure to meet the demands of your city.


Pavlov Media’s staff uses their three decades of construction experience to plan, build and install fiber-optic Internet throughout communities to bring high-speed Internet to every residence and business.


Pavlov Media’s 24/7 customer support is available when you need it. Rain or shine, contact Pavlov Media’s customer support for any questions related to billing, network issues, system upgrades or future enhancements.


Pavlov Media aims to build partnerships with the municipalities where we sell fiber-optic Internet services. Pavlov Media accomplishes this by sponsoring and attending events in local communities.

Connect Your Town

Join Our National Backbone Network

Powered by a 100 Gigabit National Backbone

We don’t just dabble in network infrastructure. We build, own and operate our 100 Gigabit national backbone network. Our crew constructs the fiber and colo facilities that comprise our backbone’s heart. Our expert network operators understand how to distribute massive quantities of data intelligently, reliably and securely across our nationwide network. And we make leveraging this powerful, cutting-edge resource easy for all your data needs.


Bring your community to the future of Internet. Join dozens of other towns in a new era of connectivity when you work with Pavlov Media to bring fiber Internet to your community. 

This isn’t our first fiber installation.

Since we installed our first fiber-optic project in 1994, we have increased our fiber outreach and network to cover 44 states and Canada. We design and engineer, build, own and operate our 100 Gigabit national backbone network. Through our almost 30 years of fiber-optic installation experience, Pavlov Media has mastered every step of the fiber installation process, from building and permitting to managing and maintenance.


At Pavlov Media, we work to design a network that meets your town’s or consultant’s unique needs. We have a proven track record of engineering reliable networks that give communities cutting-edge technology access.

Watch Your Community Grow

New businesses and residents are drawn to your community

Businesses improve their profitability and ability to reach new customers

Residents access the fastest in-home connections, improving property values and making your community a destination for people working from home

Community institutions such as schools, libraries, healthcare providers and government offices offer local citizens better in-person services and online remote services

Local businesses leverage better network connections than cable or DSL

In-home and in-school fiber connections create enhanced online learning opportunities for local students and teachers

Local government services can deploy sensors, security cameras or other controls on the fiber network to improve the quality of public services

Learn More

If you want to learn more about partnering and investing in fiber expansion with Pavlov Media, please tell us how to reach you: