What does our fiber optic backbone mean for you?

Unlike other providers, we don’t just focus on speed. We strive to bring you the most reliable and secure connection available. Fiber optics offer speed and reliability that other types of networks cannot even come close to. With our fiber optic backbone, you have a direct connection to content partners like Google, YouTube, Netflix, and more. And since fiber delivers data at the speed of light, there is truly nothing faster.

Pavlov Media has more than 200 private peering agreements with major carriers and content providers. Our strategic peering policies are designed to send our customer’s traffic on a more direct route to its destination, which greatly improves the Internet experience.

Pavlov Media’s national backbone network enables us to deliver peered content at speeds up to 100 Gigabits per second. Our network architecture enables us to set up private peering in virtually every Data Center connected to our network.