In the gaming world, virtual reality (VR for short) has taken the world by storm with its realistic visuals, interactive characters and fully immersive experience. Avid gamers will spend many hours on these platforms with their powerful computers, so when they have an unreliable connection, it can cause some harmful consequences such as losing a game, severe headaches, motion sickness or even nausea. To stop some of these issues, gamers should invest in fiber-optic Internet, which gives its user a reliable Internet connection with higher speeds, smoother gameplay and lower latency. Fiber-optic Internet is the ultimate answer to revolutionizing your gaming experience within the realm of virtual reality.

The Need for Higher Speeds

VR Gaming has become an experience that many Internet providers can’t seem to keep up with. This type of gaming requires the system to consume a lot of data both to download and upload information simultaneously. Options like cable, DSL and satellite will not work as well due to the slower speeds and higher latency. Fiber-optic Internet is the best option available for avid gamers wanting high-speed Internet. Pavlov Media allows all households to benefit with fiber-optic Internet with up to 1 Gbps. In select areas residents can get up to 8 Gbps, which will alter the level of Internet consumption available within homes, allowing families to have all-night gaming sessions and stream together.

Experience Smoother Gameplay with a Reliable Connection

There are many factors that will inhibit your reliable connection and interrupt your continuous stream.

              Network Congestion: One of the largest factors depends specifically on your home Internet service provider. Satellite Internet, for example, will fluctuate your network connection depending on how many people are on the network at a given time. For many families this causes an issue because after work and school is the prime time for gaming and movie nights.

              Weather: Weather might not seem like an issue when it comes to your Internet, but it is actually one of the biggest. Storms can drastically affect your connection to the Internet, thus breaking your connectivity. Especially with satellite or ariel fiber Internet, weather can interrupt your all-night gaming session.

              Data Caps:When choosing an Internet service provider, make sure that you look at speed versus data packages. Many companies will give you a set amount of data you can use in a month. If you go over that number, you can have throttled Internet speeds and get charged with overage fees.

To fix these problems and give users a reliable connection, fiber-optic Internet is the best option. Network congestion is limited, especially when you “hard-line” in, which provides a direct connection. Certain fiber providers will also use buried cables that will help to prevent any issues against weather elements. This method creates better security and a better connection for your gaming experiences.  Also look into terms like “Unlimited Data” or “No Data Caps” this will give you the best option for data packages. To learn more information about technology terminology visit:
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Low Latency Needed for Your Home

Latency is also known as “ping rate.” This term refers to the internal signal between your device to the server and back. Low latency means that it takes less time to complete the user’s request versus high latency means it takes an extended amount of time to complete the user’s request. When a user has high latency, they will experience more lag. This may result in the imagery becoming chunky or having delays in video and audio. With these issues it will take many of the VR gamers out of the immersive experience. In the sense of VR gaming, a faster response time or “low latency” is crucial to an immersive gaming experience that is always changing and adapting. This will improve the gamers’ competitive advantage, motion controls, screen play and more. Within gaming, where even one second can change the odds of a game and is the difference between life and death,  lower latency is a must have.

Pavlov Media loves to help gamers achieve their next level, so we recommend that they have a “hard-line connection.” This means the Ethernet cord is run straight from their device to the modem and will ping much faster than a typical wireless connection, ranging from 1 to 7 milliseconds. To learn more about how Pavlov Media can help give you low latency, read our other blog called:
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The Reality of Fiber-Optic Internet

Fiber-optic Internet gives you everything you need for VR gaming. It provides smoother gameplay, low latency, a reliable connection and higher speeds. Once you upgrade you will notice the real difference in Gigabit speeds! These speeds will also allow multiple devices so the whole family can immerse themselves into virtual reality with multi-player households in the best possible way. We can’t wait to see how the realm of virtual reality evolves as we adapt to keep up with our residents’ ever growing Internet needs.

Check your availability for Pavlov Media’s fiber-optic Internet today:

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