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Best Horror Movies of 2023

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the list below is the “Best Horror Movies of 2023 Ranked”.

1. Huesera: The Bone Woman

Huesera takes What to Expect When You’re Expecting to a new level when combined with the essence of a horror movie. Watch the warper take during your spine-tingling scary movie night! 

2. Attachment

Attachment scares a new perspective into the well-known possession thriller genre. Every detail is important because it knows that “the devil’s in the details”.

3. Talk to Me

Talk to Me tells a fantastically frightening 21st-century horror story founded on old principles with an engrossing plot and outstanding practical effects.

4. M3GAN

M3GAN is a rare mix that leaves the audience laughing and feeling natural chills. This horror-comedy brings a new 21st-century mix to the world of creepy dolls.

5. Influencer

Influencer has become a fan favorite as a clever, chilling film with a message for all viewers. 

6. Brooklyn 45

Brooklyn 45 is a character-driven horror period piece that is enhanced by superb character performances. 

7. Totally Killer

Totally Killer encapsulates two genres in one with elements of time-traveling sci-fi and horror; this movie takes full advantage of all of the best mashup elements.

8. The Blackening

The Blackening is a piece that best showcases a thoughtful satire that lets viewers see many different horror tropes and racial stereotypes behind the curtain.


SICK is an intelligent, self-aware, and timely slasher movie! This move is “Sick in all the best ways.”

10. Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool provides viewers with an escape to an all-inclusive retreat where characters have to face unsteady waters.

Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time

If you feel nostalgic about classic horror movies, IMDB (Internet Movie Database) has also prepared a list of the Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time.

1. Psycho

This movie has become ranked number one and is said to be the greatest horror film ever. Psycho showcases a dark, twisted, and suspenseful plot about a remote motel run by an interesting young man. Psycho leaves viewers coming back for more next Halloween season. If you haven’t seen Psycho, this is a must-see! 

2. Rosemary’s Baby

In Central Park West, a young couple trying for a baby has to come to turn with particular neighbors. This frightening tale of pregnancy and religious beliefs results in one of the finest horror movies for you to watch.

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Rural Texas is the best place for these five friends to stumble across a deserted house. Something sinister lurks within this terrifying piece. With beautiful cinematography and a documentary-style camera, it is sure to keep viewers going with non-stop suspense.

4. The Shining

This family travels to an isolated hotel for a winter vacation, but a sinister presence influences the father’s unspeakable actions. Through Stephen King’s novel, it explores unforgettable twists and turns.

5. The Exorcist

In this story, a mysterious entity possesses a young girl. With the help of her mother and two priests, they try to save her life. With the supernatural theme, this is a must-see movie!

6. Jaws

This well-crafted storytelling showcases a killer shark destroying a community on Cape Cod. Several members come together to try to hunt the shark down. This modern blockbuster thriller is a classic movie.

7. Halloween

This is a Halloween must-see focus on a notorious Michael Myers. When murder ensues and Michael Myers escapes, the small town in Illinois is set for destruction. Halloween showcases a scary, suspenseful, and thrilling movie with the classic nature of a Michael Myers film.

8. Alien

As a modern classic film. Alien shows viewers a crew aboard a spacecraft when they face a deadly lifeform. With thrills and chills, Alien has become an out-of-this-world film.

9. Don’t Look Now

A building suspense piece with haunted imagery builds in Don’t Look Now, where a grieving couple is in Venice when they encounter a psychic who brings them a message from beyond the grave. This movie is sure to fill you with emotion with its twisted storytelling.

10. The Witch

Witches are a stable for Halloween festivities. In this movie, witchcraft, black magic, and possession have torn apart a 1630s family in New England. This slow-building horror is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.