With the school year in full swing, families have gotten into the routine of homework and other evening activities. For teachers, homework can entail a lot of lesson planning, evaluations and even the grading of assignments. An unstable Internet connection is one of the worst things a teacher can experience while completing their evening routine. Your home network should be able to keep up with all of your plans for the school year. Master your evenings of grading with Pavlov Media’s fiber home Internet, which is already helping many families and teachers fix their inconsistent Internet connection, detect problems before they even happen and give them the highest level of customer service possible. 

The Consequences of Inconsistent Internet 

As you get home from a long day, all you want is finish your projects and then lounge on the couch while enjoying your favorite movie. Out from the screen pops the loading icon, stealing your evening plans!

Keep reading to find out how fiber can change the game. 


Pavlov Media understands that your home Internet needs to be as productive as you are. That’s why we have a team of expert engineers who work on our fiber Internet, which is known to be even faster, safer, and more reliable than any other type of Internet (Dial-Up, DSL or Cable). Through light pulses, fiber Internet can transmit your information at record speeds. With the increase in speed to your home network, you can complete your projects, such as grading an entire class’s exams, without worrying about your Internet lagging.  


Fiber Internet is also focused on safety. Instead of using traditional copper wiring, fiber Internet takes the approach of using glass cables. These cables keep your information safe, especially from data thieves. When data thieves try to steal information, they use a process called crimping, which involves puncturing holes into the cable to take out packets of your information. If someone attempted this on a glass cable, the cable itself would break, thus keeping your information safe. For example, security is essential for a teacher who is constantly working with student information. You should be able to trust your home network; fiber Internet is ready to help you do that.


The glass cables provide the essential function of safety, but they also provide fiber Internet with reliability when buried underground. When these cables are buried underground, this allows for added protection against environmental problems such as fallen trees, rain, snow and other storms. With this added security, you can start to rely on your Internet to remain constant throughout it all. That way you can finish the entire class’s assignments without the fear of a lost connection. 

We “C” Problems before they even happen

At Pavlov Media, we have highly trained network operation technicians to monitor our various systems. This team can also detect faults or outages before your family is even aware of them, allowing your network to run smoothly and efficiently. We take pride in knowing that our team can help give you peace of mind for your home network with both reliability and stability.  

A+ Level Customer Service 

Our expert customer service team at Pavlov Media is ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The team can answer any questions you might have about billing, network maintenance, system upgrades and future enhancements. As a teacher, you probably do most of your grading after the standard school day. Some companies will only have their tech staff their Mon-Fri 9-5, but with 24/7 customer service, Pavlov Media is ready to help you whenever needed. That way, we can resolve the issue together, answer questions and get you back to finishing your school projects.

Graduate to better Home Internet! 

After evaluating the rest of the class, see the A+ at the top of Pavlov Media’s home Internet test! Say goodbye to worry because our team of tech professionals has all areas covered with outage monitoring and 24/7 customer service to answer any question you might have. You won’t want any other Internet service provider with our fast, reliable, and secure home fiber Internet. 

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