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A Message From Our MDU President

Bryan Rader, President of MDUs

As we begin 2023, all of us at Pavlov Media are reflecting on our successes of the previous year and how we will build on them in this new year. One of the questions we get the most often is, how do we use our expertise in providing Internet to off-campus student housing to carry over into success with more-conventional MDUs. I would argue it actually sets us up to flourish within conventional MDUs and create strong bonds between us and our customers.

The rhythm in student housing is different than conventional MDUs. In student housing, students move in during the month of August, so 90% of your residents all start at the same time. Pretty much every lease begins on August 15th and ends on August 14th the following year. In conventional MDUs, that cycle is spread through the entire 12 months, so you don’t have these big ‘mouse through the snake’ moments where everything has to happen in a 2-week window. Instead, move-ins happen throughout the year.

Being able to manage that ebb and flow of students is vital in conventional multi-family, because these students will eventually move out. And where will they go? They may move home for a year or two, but eventually they are going to move in with a friend in an apartment building. They become our customer again, and they’ve brought those same Internet consumption habits that they had in college into their new apartment.

The ability for us to support property management, to support the end user, to support the move-ins and move-outs, to support the devices that are brought into our network… If you can do those things in student housing, then you can certainly do it in conventional MDUs.

Below you’ll find examples of how other leaders within Pavlov Media envision success as we apply our excellence in the student housing market to more conventional MDUs in this year, and beyond.

All of us at Pavlov Media are excited to see what 2023 will bring!

Our Thought Leaders

Glenn Meyer, President and Member of the Board of Directors

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Chris Hunt, President of Emerging Markets

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President of MDU Services
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John Crutcher
VP of B2B Sales
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