Municipal Fiber Projects

It all started with our first project. We wired one off-campus residence in Champaign, Illinois bringing network connectivity to the student residents – in 1994. Over the last three decades the size and complexity of our projects have grown. Pavlov Media now connects entire towns and cities to our 100 Gigabit national backbone by installing and managing miles of high-speed fiber-optic networks.

Pavlov Media’s innovations and patented network technologies power the advanced fiber networks that we design and build to provide coverage to entire municipalities. Installing a municipal fiber network helps citizens, businesses and local services. By partnering with Pavlov Media, investors and municipal leaders can transform communities into Gigabit Cities.

Your Community Grows

Pavlov Media is committed to helping towns have great Internet. Fiber connectivity provides municipalities with numerous benefits including:

  • New businesses and residents are drawn to your community
  • Businesses improve their profitability and ability to reach new customers
  • Residents access the fastest in-home connections, improving property values and making your community a destination for people working from home
  • Community institutions such as schools, libraries, healthcare providers and government offices offer local citizens better in-person services and online remote services
  • Local businesses leverage better network connections than cable or DSL
  • In-home and in-school fiber connections create enhanced on-line learning opportunities for local students and teachers
  • Local government services can deploy sensors, security cameras or other controls on the fiber network to improve the quality of public services

Pavlov Delivers

When your town works with Pavlov Media, you have a partner that manages all aspects of building, managing and supporting a cutting-edge fiber network for your community.

We Build

Our highly trained and experienced staff installs fiber throughout your community, bringing high-performance broadband to every residential and business address.

We Market

Pavlov Media markets the fiber service to every resident and business in your community to get them connected to the Gigabit network

We Manage

Pavlov Media’s dedicated teams manage customer support, billing, network maintenance, systems upgrades and future enhancements for the fiber network.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about partnering and investing in fiber expansion with Pavlov Media, please tell us how to reach you: