Regional Technical Manager


The Regional Technical Manager (RTM) is responsible for ensuring customers in their assigned region receive exceptional technical support and customer service.  Workload demands in some regions may necessitate additional technical resources that will report to the RTM. Regional technical teams can be classified as Field Technicians, FTTx Installers, or any resources working cooperatively with Project Management, Operations, Logistics, and Sales.

RTM’s will focus on discovering issues, fixing and maintain current networks and video infrastructures, and deploying systems to company standards. This position fills the unique role of balancing requests from Pavlov Media corporate, contractors, property staff, and residents. The RTM will balance various operational activities such as site maintenance, break fix work orders, contractor recruiting, continual improvement projects (CIP), improvements to standard operating procedures (SOP), and ensuring field resources are meeting service level agreements (SLA) in the specified region.

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