Pavlov Media has expanded its operations within Savoy. The company’s reliable Gigabit-speed Internet will soon be available on Woodfield Dr.
“Our company remains focused on providing simply exceptional connections in all that we do,” said CEO and Founder Mark Scifres. “With our expansion, more residents and businesses in Savoy can now connect to the speeds they need, in a time when fast, reliable Internet is vital.”
With a package of unlimited data, no contract, and no installation-fee Internet, Pavlov Media provides an optimal Internet experience with a personal touch.
Customers can sign up for access today by visiting: or call 888-799-7249.
Any questions may be answered by contacting Pavlov Media at: (888) 799-7249 or

About Pavlov Media:
Pavlov Media is a nationwide Internet and Media company with offerings of broadband, voice, and television services. The company operates municipal fiber networks connected to its national backbone network. Pavlov Media specializes in private networks designed, constructed, and operated by a team of dedicated professionals from the multifamily real estate industry. For more information visit

Pavlov Media, one of the nation’s largest private providers of broadband services to multifamily real estate owners, announced today it has acquired the operating assets of Clarus Broadband headquartered in Austin, Texas. Clarus is a broadband provider serving home and business customers in the Austin area.

Mark Scifres, Chairman and CEO of Pavlov Media said “This latest addition to the Pavlov Media family expands upon our full fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) products and services in Texas which includes design, installation, operation and monetization of both private and municipal fiber-optic infrastructure.”

Glenn Meyer, Board Member and President of Pavlov Media’s MDU services group, also added “The addition of the Clarus team will help us continue to build depth in the multiple markets within Texas that we serve as well as leverage our existing municipal fiber networks into the additional communities served by the Clarus team. Dave has built a great team and we are grateful they will be joining Pavlov Media.”

David Daugherty, Chairman at Clarus, stated “Our business was expanding at such a rapid rate that it required us to find a fiber construction partner and an operations platform that could meet the high standards our owners have for designing, installing and maintaining the fiber-optic networks within their developments. Pavlov Media is the perfect organization for us to merge our operations into.”

Pavlov Media, one of the nation’s largest private providers of broadband services to multifamily real estate owners, today announced the launch of 100 Gigabit (100,000 Megabit per second) speeds between Chicago and Indianapolis. The addition of 100 Gigabit performance is the first step in adding this capability to Pavlov Media’s national fiber optic backbone.

The upgraded capacity allows Pavlov Media to bring 100 Gigabit speeds to customers served by this portion of the backbone network. This also increases total capacity available for data transport between communities.

“The completion of 100 Gigabit capacity from Chicago to Indianapolis is part of the continuation of our strategy to bring new, exceptional Internet experiences to our customers,” said Mark Scifres, CEO of Pavlov Media. “We will expand this capacity from Indianapolis to Atlanta in the next several weeks and then incrementally across the rest of our national backbone network in the coming months.”

Pavlov Media’s 100 Gigabit speed reduces Internet latency to low single digital millisecond range on the backbone network. Latency is the wait time for content on the Internet to come into a computer. Most Internet service provides latency in the triple digit or at best high double-digit range.

Pavlov Media is hosting a root domain name server on its network.  The DNS (Domain Name Server) root name server improves latency for end users of Pavlov Media’s networks.  Root DNS is a critical part of the Internet infrastructure.  DNS stores the names of websites visited by end users and is used on practically every web page.  Faster DNS lookup times equals faster web page load.

Pavlov Media’s network includes 10 Gigabit Colocation facilities in Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Champaign/Urbana and Bloomington, Illinois as well as other colocation facilities in Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia, Tallahassee, and Minneapolis.

“This is an important step for Pavlov Media as we continue to build Simply Exceptional Connections Nationwide,” said Mark Scifres, CEO of Pavlov Media.  “As one of the few MDU providers operating our own private national backbone network, we understand that efforts like this improve performance and add value to the properties we serve,” he added.

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