The Grove Waco:
Fully Loaded Internet

In Waco, Texas around the Baylor University campus, competition for residents is stiff. Baylor University provides a top education to thousands of students. And those students want a place to live that meets their needs and helps them through a successful college career. Campus Crest’s The Grove Waco competes for residents in no small part by offering top amenities. As they say at the Grove Waco, “Think The Grove. Think fully-loaded college living.”

That philosophy focuses on high-tech living, which starts with fast Internet that provides an experience far superior to other properties.

Going into the 2011-2012 academic year, one of the biggest issues for Grove Waco residents was quality of Internet experience. Students wanted fast access for file movement, video and online gaming. The Internet experience wasn’t matching the rest of resident living experience at The Grove Waco.

Owner and operator Campus Crest teamed up with Pavlov Media to build a network that not only meets the student needs now but for the future as well. They selected Pavlov Media’s Tesseractiv® Content Delivery network. Tesseractiv® brings the most popular web content (On-Net) at wire speeds to the residents. At Grove Waco, that’s 100 Mbps.

The Setup

The property already had an Ethernet Fiber Optic to the buildings, but the rest of the network was rebuilt across the property. Pavlov Media installed:

  • 500Mbs transport loop
  • Increased circuit size to 100 Mbs
  • Dell 10/100 switches
  • Tesseractiv® servers at Pavlov Media’s CoLo facility in Texas
  • Wireless Access Points in the clubhouse

Latency Improvements

Residents now enjoy significantly improved streaming video content, university coursework and entertainment services. The following chart shows latency—the measure of response on the Internet—for traffic that is On-Net in the Tesseractiv® Content Delivery Network at The Grove Waco compared with latencies across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Download Speed Improvements

Pavlov Media spent years developing Tesseractiv® technology, which differentiates between data coming from its own data centers and data coming from other sources. For long-distance transport on the Internet, data is placed into large packets – typically 20 to 30 megabytes each – but it is normally repacked into smaller packets for home delivery. Tesseractiv® preserves the large packet size for data from its own data centers, which store content that residents use frequently.

Usage with Tesseractiv®

“Campus Crest is a recognized industry leader when it comes to providing Internet services for their residents, and Tesseractiv® will give The Grove Waco a technological advantage over neighboring student housing communities,” says Mark Scifres, CEO of Pavlov Media. “We are pleased to roll out Tesseractiv® in Texas and continue to deploy Tesseractiv® systems on our national backbone in key strategic markets across the United States with Campus Crest.”

The chart to the left shows actual website hits in one month for the On-Net usage that moves through the Tesseractiv® Content Delivery Network, making the bandwidth much more efficient at the site. This results in an immediate savings to the owner because traditional Internet delivery that would produce this same result would require a much larger circuit at the community.

This is the fastest speed I have ever experienced in a residential setting. Because of the increased bandwidth and installation of Tesseractiv®, I have decided to re-sign my lease for another year, as I am extremely pleased with the Internet at Grove Waco.

-Grove Waco resident, Joshua Gates