Other service providers extensively rely on contractors and other companies to deliver their network connections and services. At Pavlov Media, we are in our third decade of managing all our network and services in-house, giving us a level of coordination and responsiveness unmatched by our competitors.

Because of our staff’s unmatched internal coordination, our industry-leading design and deployment processes and our commitment to problem solving, Pavlov Media has grown to become the nation’s most trusted Internet and media provider for off-campus student housing. Our ability to innovate throughout the entire network design, construction and management lifecycle is why Pavlov Media excels at providing simply exceptional connections nationwide.

Design and Engineer

Our team of experts has more experience designing, engineering and operating networks and network services than other service providers. We will work with you to design the network infrastructure that your properties or business need.


Our in-house construction crews have put thousands of miles of fiber-optic networking in the ground and wired hundreds of MDU properties across the country. Our installers are experts at wiring buildings and setting up circuits. We work with you to minimize disruptions to your operations while completing our build-outs on time and on budget.


Our Network Operations Center monitors our network 24/7 to ensure that everything is running efficiently. If there’s ever an outage or other issue, we’ll likely know about it before you do. We take great pride in the reliability and stability of our network and the services that run on it.


We provide 24/7 customer service and network monitoring so there is always someone standing by ready to help. We have dedicated technicians and customer service representatives to troubleshoot problems so your staff and your residents can stay connected.

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