A map of Pavlov Media's national fiber optic backbone

At Pavlov Media, we don’t just dabble in network infrastructure. We build, own, and operate our 100 Gigabit national backbone network. Our crews construct the fiber and colo facilities that make up the heart of our backbone. Our expert network operators understand how to intelligently, reliably, and securely distribute massive quantities of data across our nationwide network. The Pavlov Media backbone powers and protects our home services. We make it easy for MDU properties and businesses to leverage this powerful, cutting-edge resource for their data needs.

Intelligent network visibility

We leverage sensor tools from ThousandEyes to provide greater visibility into routing, availability and network performance. With telemetry tools powered by Kentik, we provide our customers with real-time network observability to troubleshoot and maximize performance.

Rooftops and in-building access

Our drive to push content and data to the edge creates new opportunities that other carriers can’t offer. Our ability to further push out the edge of our core network allows us to offer services traditionally limited to larger locations like tiered data center services, multi-Gigabit services, and access to one hop peering edges. Content, CDNs, compute and cellular signal services can now accessed via rooftop connections or in your company’s building.

Pushing content to the edge

The shorter the distance that data needs to travel, the faster the data gets to its destination. That’s why we’re fanatical about optimizing our network. We leverage strategic data locations which utilize lowest hop routing to accelerate connectivity and reduce latency. Our extensive peering agreements with hundreds of services and CDNs make it easier and faster for businesses to get connected to the data and resources they depend on.

Security prioritized

The global threats to company data and networks grow in number and complexity every year. We understand that it is not enough to move data quickly, it also must be transported securely. That is why we prioritize network security, providing real-time core monitoring as well as automated mitigation methods to protect against DDoS attacks and other threats.

Fast, agile and simplified connections

We make it easy for businesses to connect to the services that power their network needs, speeding up and simplifying the process of connecting at the Edge. Using SD WAN architecture, we provide maximum flexibility at customer locations. Our unique infrastructure allows customers to set up the connectivity that they want right now and then increase services at any time as new needs arise.

Tier 1 services in smaller markets

Gone are the days when only the only companies that needed to reliably and securely transport large amounts of data were companies located in large cities. Now, whether it’s innovative AgTech companies with sensors in the field or a company supporting a distributed, cloud-based workforce, businesses in all markets need to be able to reach the cloud from their location and easily transport data between global locations. We built hundreds of miles of fiber networks and POP locations that bring Tier 1 capabilities to markets previously unserved by other carriers.  

Patented peering power

Our peering innovations began long before Edge computing became a buzzword. Challenged to meet growing customer-demand for Gigabit services in apartment properties with megabit infrastructures, we developed Tesseractiv™ to push content as close to the residents as possible. Deploying our patented technologies in tandem with other cutting-edge solutions across our purpose-built national backbone network allows us to deliver content as if it’s already at its destination.

The total effect of these strategically deployed technologies creates an unparalleled online experience for our customers. We consistently rank in the top 2% of CAIDA’s worldwide rankings of Autonomous Systems (our ASRank).

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